Educational Tools

The following video offers some tips and tools you can use to increase your profitability while gambling. Whether using their free or premium options, OddsJam offers a wide variety of things to help you with your sports betting. A lot of the things on their website are things I've created for myself over the years, but they take that work out of it and provide it for you without having to know the math behind it! Sign up for an account with OddsJam here.

In episode 1 we cover expected value calculations, what to do with free bets or free plays, and ways to ensure that your wagers have positive expected value (+EV)

In episode 2 we discuss low hold markets, middling, and scaling wagers using the Kelly criterion

In episode 3 we deep dive into the world of arbitrage (i.e. how to guarantee a profit when there are good odds on both sides whether via shopping multiple books or odds boosts)