TikTok Plays of the Day

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CBB 22-23 TikTok Plays of the Day: 12-10-0 (55.%) +1.5 units (6.3% ROI)

CFB 2022 TikTok Plays of the Day: 3-2-0 (60%) +0.8 units (14.8% ROI)

Tuesday 12/6 Plays of the Day

CBB 22-23 Plays of the Day: 51-51-0 (50%) +2.5 units (2.3% ROI)

Favorite of the Day: 21-20 (51%) -2.24 units (-4.8% ROI)

Yesterday: UMass -15 -107 (Early candidate for dumbest L of the week, no I'm not bitter)

Today: Winthrop -11 -115 (W)

South Carolina State should be able to score in this one, but there will just be so many possessions that Winthrop should pull away. Not sure if that happens in the first half or the second, but Winthrop is more like to win this by 20 than 10 in my view.

Today: South Dakota State -103 (Patreon) L

Take the Points Play of the Day: 13-20 (39%) -8.79 units (-24.4% ROI)

(Note: Obviously these haven't performed as expected, but as the season moves along the early season bad variance should balance out.)

Yesterday: Troy +16 -105 (W)

Today: UT Arlington +10.5 -105 (W)

Make sure you catch Cousin Jared break down why this will be a low scoring and boring game if you haven't yet. That plays perfectly into grabbing this many points. North Texas should win, and they could win something like 60-40... but SideLine has been pretty spot on with both of these teams and predicts 63-55. If we adjust for it having a hard time predicting totals this low, something like 59-51 is probably pretty close.

Today: High Point +12.5 (Patreon -- all plays of the day available for only $3 a month!) W

Plus Odds Play of the Day: 17-11 (61%) +13.53 units (48.3% ROI)

Yesterday: IUPUI +230 (L)

Today: Two picks exclusive to Patreon -- both B grade plays that are worth an investment at plus odds!

Iona +110 (W) and Central Arkansas +110 (W)

CFB 2022 Plays of the Day: 47-45-3 (51%) -0.4 units (-0.4% ROI)

Favorite of the Day: 20-20-2 (50%) -2.73 units (-5.7% ROI)

12/3: Troy -8 (W) and Michigan -16.5 (W)

Take the Points Play of the Day: 21-17-1 (55.%) +2.41 units (5.7% ROI)

12/3: Montana +8.5 -115 (L)

Plus Odds Play of the Day: 6-8 (43%) -0.13 units (-0.9% ROI)

12/3: Ohio +130 (L)

MLB 2022 Plays of the Day: 88-57-4 (61%) +20.37 units (11.4% ROI)