About Us

Professor Sides earned his Ph.D. in statistics from Baylor University where he met his wife (Mrs. Professor). He spent five years working as a statistician in the "real world" before returning to education, fulfilling his life's purpose of helping others. It is with this in mind that he built mathematical models to predict various sports outcomes. He can be found on Twitter @ProfessorSides.

Cousin Jared (the professor's actual cousin) took one statistics course in college, but not by choice. His perfect Saturday includes long walks on the beach and Mountain West football. Michael Bishop was an amazing quarterback. Model whisperer. Ask him about Christmas movies. (Editor's note: maybe don't, actually?) He can be found on Twitter @CousinJared.

Jake (the professor's actual friend) is a college basketball addict who decided should be watching the game instead of playing it after his third ACL tear. When he is not watching college basketball he enjoys taking his puppies on walks and smoking meat. His one true love is Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and he either has or doesn't have the tattoo the prove it. He can be found on Twitter @MyFriend_Jake.

Email us at pickswiththeprofessor@gmail.com

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